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Path of Exile!
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Joined: 3rd Dec 2012
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5th Dec 2012

Of course this is the first place I post.

Anyway, I just got Path of Exile. It's basically Diablo 2 + FFX. If you were not pleased with D3, you need to check out this game. It's $10 for beta access and on Jan. 23rd it enters open beta

It's got the skill point system of FFX (that insane web of points) along with items that seem more similar to D2 - the gems are a lot more interesting, for example. They actually dictate what abilities you have access to.

Anyway! Is anyone else playing??? Or heard anything about it?? Or.... anything????

I have a witch she's fun, I think I'm going to make her a support-dagger wielder (meaning putting a ton of points in dex.... wtf?!?!).

Literally, you can do anything this game. Except eat it.... probably would not be tasty.

Flat jokes are flat.....
Joined: 3rd Dec 2012
Rank: Vice President
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2nd Feb 2013

Reposting about this. It's now in open beta and it's free! So everyone should come play! I've been playing it a lot more and I think Rachel downloaded it..... and you can have pretty large parties, up to 6 people I think, so we should get to that! Gogo!
Joined: 5th Dec 2012
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3rd Feb 2013

I'll probably give this a try once I find time.
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