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How to Post Book Discussions
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25th Dec 2012

There seems to be the potential for confusion on how to post in this section, so here are the rules!

Topic Title - this is where you need to specify which section of the book you are referring to. For example, "SHF chapter 5" for Slaughterhouse-Five, chapter 5. After this, put a dash (or colon, your choice ) and give brief mention of the topic you'll be referring to. For example, "Billy's psychological state" or something relatively vague. It can be an overarching theme or concept, it doesn't need to be specific to a chapter, but please keep it vague enough so no spoilers are revealed.

Subject - Each thread should be on the theme specified. This is not to say it can't degenerate or tail off into some other area, but it should start where the originator states and there should be a clear line of progression (even if it is into Doctor Who or Star Trek references).

Potential Spoilers - If you feel like something that happens later in the book is relevent to the topic, you're welcome to start a continuation of the thread, but do not post any within that thread.

I think this will work out well overall, and topics that aren't as long-lived will just fall to the bottom of the pile let me know if you have any thoughts/contributions!
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Forum » Science Fiction » SciFi Literature
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