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FH of SHF: Do you like Billy?
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29th Dec 2012

This is something I just started contemplating, but I'm not honestly sure if I like Billy.... Vonnegut creates such a pitiful character and I find myself wondering why. Perhaps it's so we focus on the fact that all he really has is this "unstuck"-ness in time? There are certainly interesting aspects of his life, like being in the war, but even that is rendered a bit softer because of the fact that Billy seems so out of it. Each time he describes some scene, I view him as being drugged up or something because of how he talks about it. That makes it hard for me to really judge whether or not I like him - I would expect more input from a protagonist I suppose.

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2nd Jan 2013

I am in the same boat as you on this one. As a character Billy is the most pathetic fictional person I have ever read about. He really doesn't say or do much as opposed to those around him which makes me wonder if his character is to act as a narrating tool in which we use to interpret the point Vonnegut is attempting to make.
Forum » Science Fiction » SciFi Literature
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